Welcome Growers!

If you are visiting this site, you might be interested in gardening. Good news. We are here to help! The KU Student Farm is a student run organization committed to offering the community opportunities to learn how to grow food. We are dedicated to working with others to develop a closer relationship with food, the environment, and to one another. We seek to connect others to area local food initiatives, gardens, and sustainable farms. Click here for a general overview of the farm, how you can get involved, and what we have to offer.

Background & Location: The farm got its start in a 2009 Environmental Studies Capstone course where a group of students drew up the plans for a place where people could grow their own food. Participation in the farm is open to KU students, faculty, and staff. We are incredibly pleased with how much the farm has grown in the past five years. During our first year as a student group, we had one plot and approximately five students participating. At present we maintain a membership from 20-40, not including community volunteers and advisors. We are always working to build and strengthen our connections with the Lawrence community!

Getting to the Farm: The farm is located just north of Prairie Moon Waldorf School at 1865 E. 1600 rd. Click here to see a vehicular route to the garden. Click here for a bike route.

Program Affiliation: We have a strong relationship with the Native Medicinal Plant Research Program which is run by Dr. Kelly Kindscher. We work with the program to attend to general maintenance.  We are truly blessed to garden around such wonderful medicinal plants. We also enjoy a relationship with the KU Field Station which oversees the site.

Advisors: The farm’s faculty advisors is Dr. Kelly Kindscher.

Dr. Kindscher is a Senior Scientist with the Kansas Biological Survey and a Courtesy Professor in the Environmental Studies Department. He heads up the Native Medicinal Plant Research Program.  You can reach him at Kindscher@ku.edu

Transportation: Most participants drive and/or carpool to the site. We have many members bike to the farm as well. It’s about a 20 minute bike ride from the bridge.

Plots: The plots are 4×16 square feet. Want to have your own student farm plot? Download the application (Final_Farm Application 2015), and send the completed application as an attachment to our email at kufarming@gmail.com.

Community Gardens: The community garden is managed by a group and meets weekly during the growing season at the farm.  Through our Community Garden Sponsorship Program we have partnered with the 9th & Mississippi Lawrence Community Garden Project. Our members can participate in their community garden which also meets weekly. Both community gardens are meant to be incubators where folks can learn in a fun and relaxed environment. The farm provides a large-scale rural-like experience while the other is situated in an urban setting; both make use of permaculture design elements.

New Gardeners: Sharing a plot(s) allows for more flexibility and reliable carpooling options.  It also eases maintenance when you need to go out of town. We think it is also more fun to grow and learn with friends.  We have found those that share a plot, stick with it, even through our Kansas summers! The community garden is also a great place to learn in a relaxed atmosphere around knowledgeable advisors.

The Kansas Garden Guide is an excellent resource for gardeners put together by K-State Extension. This guide will walk you through how to manage a garden from start to finish. Be sure to check it out here!

Want to have your own student farm plot? Download the application here, and send the completed application as an attachment to our email: kufarming@gmail.com.

Project Proposals: Over the years we have enjoyed many student projects at the farm. Project proposals should be sent to kufarming@gmail.com, title the subject line “Project Proposal”. If the project is largely written please send us a final version for our archive.

Please like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/KUstudentfarm

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