Garden Friends

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some awesome farm and gardening friends in our region. Whether it is volunteering at these farms or just exchanging knowledge we appreciate all that these local agriculturalists do in the community. We hope to continue to build upon these relationships.

Mellowfield Urban Farm

Mellowfields Urban Farm cultivates over two acres of Kansas River bottom ground, which they lease from the City of Lawrence as part of its Common Ground program. You can find them at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning downtown. Kevin Prather and Jessi Asmussen are amazing people to know. In 2015, Kevin taught a workshop on healthy soils for our members. Need great good-for-the-earth fertlizers? Mellowfields is the sole distributor of Fertrell products in the region. You can email them to get on their feed email list. Lastly, we would be remiss to not mention their wonderful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We encourage our members and students to enroll in a local CSA! Mellowfield’s mentions the following benefits:

Benefits of this CSA option:

**More produce per dollar compared to farmers market

**You can pick up your produce at a quick and convenient location

**You are certain to get a variety of produce

**You get to try some veggies that you normally wouldn’t consider

**You will receive our weekly newsletter with farm news, recipes, and each week’s expected CSA produce choices

Red Tractor Farm

The Red Tractor Farm is owned by Jen Humphrey  and Jess Pierson and is known locally as a fine establishment to find local goat meat, produce, and eggs. Over the years we have organized workdays at their farm to help with planting and weeding. In 2013, we had a great time volunteering to help prepare for the Kaw Valley Farm Tour.  Red Tractor is also part of Common Harvest, the CSA serving the KU community as of 2015. CSA shares are open to anyone and we hope the program grows because there is nothing better then having fresh local produce conveniently available on campus.

Okanis Garden

Okanis Garden is nestled just south of the farm at the Prairie Moon Waldorf School. We love being next to the school. The children often come in groups to the farm and wander in and amongst the garden beds smelling and tasting as they go. We have often volunteered to help weed their garden and love our chats with Rich Minder about biodynamic gardening.

Lawrence Community Garden Project

The Lawrence Community Garden Project (LCGP) is the oldest community garden in Lawrence. Started in 1994 by well-known and celebrated muralist, Dave Lowenstein, the garden is situated just north of the stadium at 9th and Mississippi. In 2014, we formed a partnership with this garden under our Community Garden Sponsorship Program. We provide management support and have a garden close to campus for students to participate in.

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