About us

The KU Student Farm is a student run organization committed to offering the KU community opportunities to learn how to grow food. We gather our garden supplies from the community and follow sustainable practices.

We have a strong relationship with the Native Medicinal Plant Research Program, run by Dr. Kelly Kindscher and the KU Field Station which oversees the site. We are an official program of the Ecumenical Campus Ministry on campus and a sanctioned community group at the University of Kansas with yearly support from our amazing KU Student Senate!

Click here for a general overview of the farm, how you can get involved, and what we have to offer. Do not hesitate to contact us at kufarming@gmail.com. Whether you want to be a volunteer member, an officer, or offer a workshop there is a place for you at the farm!


The farm got its start in a 2009 Environmental Studies Capstone course where a group of students drew up the plans for a place where people could grow their own food. Participation in the farm is open to KU students, faculty, and staff. At present we maintain a membership from 20-40, not including community volunteers and advisors. We are always working to build and strengthen our connections with the Lawrence community!




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