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We look forward to hearing from you! If you would like to get in touch with one of the officers, their information is below.

This year, our student farm officers are Trina McClure, Becky Crook, Daniel Walker, Gina Beebe, Rachel Richmond and Shannon McGill.

Tresa Carter is a graduated environmental studies major. She lives in Lawrence and commutes to the Department of Agriculture where she’s interning with From the Land of Kansas, the state’s agricultural trademark program. She has been a part of the farm for over two years now and wants to dedicate her time to supporting our local food systems and farmers.

Contact Tresa:

Katrina McClure is entering her second season with the student farm, and is an expert in the greenhouse and in the garden. She is a graduate student in Human Geography at KU. She is treasurer and in charge of fundraising and finding grant opportunities. She is also a leader and a huge resource in the community plot.

Contact Trina:

Becky Crook is a recent graduate from KU, with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Plant Ecology. She is avid gardener and has a particular interest in tallgrass prairie ecology and its restoration. She got involved in the community plot in 2012 and stepped up in 2013 as the garden manager.  While she does a little bit of everything for the student farm, she is heavily involved in the community garden, manages the compost, and spearheaded the rainwater catchment project in 2013. 

Contact Becky:

Gina Beebe is a junior in Environmental Science. She has grown up growing plants with/for her family. Gina is more than excited to be part of the KU Student Farm. Being an officer for the past six months has been a great experience for her to grow as gardener and Gina is looking forward to the future as it will be an even better outlet for her to grow an aspiring beekeeper as well as natural dye and DIY enthusiast. Gina is our Greenhouse Manager.

Contact Gina:

Daniel Walker is a junior working towards a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Dan hopes to use his studies for sustainable agricultural and hydrologic applications. Dan formerly worked as a political operative for various progressive causes and campaigns across the country. He now hopes to make a more direct and substantive impact by increasing the availability and means of production of healthy foods.

Contact Daniel:

Rachel Richmond is a super senior majoring in Environmental Studies. She is interested in sustainable agriculture, local food efforts, permaculture design and philosophy, and the art of simple living. Rachel is our Events Coordinator, so if you have an idea for an event or any events related questions, don’t hesitate to contact her.

Contact Rachel:

Shannon McGill is a senior in Visual Communication and a junior in Community Health. Shannon is constantly striving to expand the way she thinks and creates. Specifically, she is seeking to synthesize both her visual communication skills and her health knowledge to educate individuals and communities on how they can actively take part in and contribute to their own well-being. Shannon is our Communications and Marketing Coordinator.

Contact Shannon:

**If you are interested in becoming an officer for the student farm, please email We would love to talk to you about what you can help out with!


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