Newest pictures 8.6.14

KU Mobile Collaboratory (MoCOLAB)

A long overdue post showing some of the latest pics. We really are narrowing in on the finish. The biggest piece of work to be completed is the hatchback. The rest is bits and pieces. We installed all of the low-voltage lighting and the long counters on the side. You can’t see it in the pictures, but the recycled tire flooring is installed (the pink rosin paper is for protection.)

CS Humphrey helped us out by applying finish to the walnut benches up in the front. They look fantastic!

2014-07-25 11.57.262014-07-25 15.26.162014-07-25 16.28.272014-07-28 16.56.322014-07-29 16.50.382014-07-29 16.51.012014-08-02 16.37.442014-08-02 16.58.062014-08-04 16.54.262014-08-04 16.54.522014-08-04 16.55.34

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