Why It’s Better to Talk to Yourself Than to Listen to the Common Thinking of the Day: Everyday Magic, Day 826

Every student should read this!

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

“They told us that in the 90s that thousands of professors would be retiring, so anthropology would be a good field,” Ken told me the other day after he ran into a good friend from his anthropology days at K.U.

“Same thing for English too,” I told him, then we started laughing, so lucky that neither of us had bought that line, despite it being the common thinking of the day. As many of us know, especially people who spent seven, eight, ten years getting doctorates in fields like anthropology and English, herds of professors did retire, only to be largely replaced with adjuncts who now, according to common statistics of the day, compose up to 75% of many university’s faculty while often living on poverty-level wages.

Our conversation made me think of how the common thinking of the day, what “they” say about what will happen, sometimes can lead…

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