West Campus Greenhouse provides gardening experience

Go Green Lawrence

By Sean Tapia

Members of KU Student Farms and the community promote healthy choices for themselves and the environment. Read how they promote livable communities here: http://gogreenlawrence.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/ku-student-farm-promotes-livable-communities/


SEAN TAPIA, reporter: “Every weekend in Spring, students, staff and members of the community garden at the greenhouse on West Campus.”

KATRINA MCCLURE, Community Plot Coordinator:  “Today what we’re doing is that I facilitate the start of our plants in the West Campus Greenhouse.”

TAPIA:  “The gardeners spent the morning watering their plants and transferring the seedlings into larger growing pots. Some participants believe that gardening is a smart and healthy choice.”

ALAN REDD, Anthropology Professor:  “And what about eating it?”

MANY REDD, son:  “Yummy!”

ALAN:  “Yeah, I think quite frankly in terms of nutrition it’s the way to go. You have more control over how the food is treated.”

TAPIA:  “Gardens are great benefits for the environment.”

BECKY CROOK, Garden Plot Manager:  “It’s a really…

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